Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in Montana

It's taking a little bit of adjustment.... life in Montana is quite a change.  Oh, they are good changes and believe me, I've always welcomed the new possibilities with a big move.  I am not sure I really  had my head wrapped around the enormity of this move, and I don't think everything has quite sunk in yet either.  I guess we'll see how welcoming to change I am in January when I am up to my tooshie in snow and don't have a clue how to handle it.  In the meantime, though, I am really enjoying the summer here.

I may have previously defined wildlife outside my window as a group of tattooed, pierced punks walking down the sidewalk in front of my house.  Well, with a little fresh air and Montana starting to flow through my viens, I have a different perspective.  Here's a shot of the twin fawns I see regularly outside my window now.  Aren't they cute?
Another change is how I go about getting fresh fruits and veggies.  Before it was a trip to the grocery store or if I was fortunate, I visit to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  Now, it's a short walk down the driveway and through the gate to the garden and orchard.  The season is a bit late this year, but things are starting to take shape.  We are enjoying raspberries and early cherries, red potatoes, radishes, zucchini, beets and baby carrots.  Before I moved up here, I swore my thumbs were black... I couldn't keep a house plant!  Amazingly, things don't die when I touch them.... they actually grow and become mighty tasty.

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