Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Adjusted

I decided early on that one of the best ways to get adjusted here in Montana was to immediately get involved in anything I could.  Within our first couple of weeks, we were camping with friends and meeting new ones, the boys were signed up for swim lessons, Ray and I joined the local gym and we started attending church.  I figured the sooner we got out doing whatever we could and meeting new people, the sooner it would feel like home. 
Another step for me was to get enrolled in the Community College.  With the benefits available to us because of Ray's 20+ years of service, the cost of attending college wasn't an issue.  I also thought that having a schedule and commitment would be a good way for me to stay focused and active.  I am all set to start in Flathead Valley Community College's certificate program for Graphic Design.  I can't tell you how excited I am because I will finally get to learn how to use all the Adobe software.  My schedule will coordinate perfectly with getting the boys to and from school when they start after Labor Day, so it just made a lot of sense.

While waiting for the semester to begin, I ran across a summer class being offered that peaked my interest.... Beginning Landscape and Wildlife Photography.  Of course, I signed right up for it.  I go one night a week for seven weeks and should have a better handle on some photo basics when all is said and done.  We've had two class meetings so far, just covering some real basics at this point.  I think we will really be getting into the "meat and potatoes" of it soon.

Our instructor gave us a theme for our picture assignment this week.  The theme was "Sail Away".  Here is my submission.
This is one of the docks on Flathead Lake.  The lake is huge and many days, you'll find lots of sailboats out and about.  I liked the look of all the masts and the mountains in the background; hopefully my instructor will agree.

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  1. Love the pics friend! I didn't know about the gym and kids in swim lessons! Man, you're having a great time and I'm stuck in this hot job!
    Love ya! Teri


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