Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Peek into the Garden

It seems like each day I can take a look through the orchard and gardens and see growth.  Out of nowhere a zucchini has shot out and is ready to pick, new flowers are in bloom and the fall fruits are getting bigger and bigger.  The stroll has become one of my favorite evening activities as a family or sometimes, if we can sneak out, Ray and I enjoy the stroll by ourselves.

Here's a little glimpse of what's going on these days.  We have apples......
And blackberries.....
Corn, in abundance.... it will be ready to eat any day now!
Look closely.... there are two little pickling cucumbers on the vine and lots more coming!
Pears, pears and more pears!
My cute little surprise the other day.... a bell pepper.  Right now it's about the size of a marshmallow....
And two of my favorite fruits... playing around a little and enjoying all we have!

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