Friday, August 19, 2011

Photos and The Fair

Things have been going well in photography class.  Honestly, I am learning so much about basic photography concepts I wish I had learned years ago!  The teacher is really good and I like almost everything about the class.... almost everything.  I don't really like being openly critiqued about the photos I submit for my homework.  While he hasn't said anything really terrible, it's just the whole experience of being told what I could have done better in front of the other students that is less than enjoyable.  He did, however, like my photos this week better than the plate of beets last week.
The photos were taken at a local barn.  The class actually went there together on a field trip; giving the instructor an opportunity to do some hands-on teaching.  It was a great evening class... the light was amazing!
Ok, the wood knot is not so exciting, I know.  But, we were told to use the macro feature and really find details and patterns within the barn.  Don't worry, the teacher wasn't impressed either.

Nothing helps recovery from critisism like cotton candy, right?  So we spent the day enjoying the Northwest Montana Fair.  The boys were in awe seeing kids their ages working with the animals.  My kids couldn't keep their fish alive, so imagine their reaction seeing the little cowboys and cowgirls draggin' their livestock around!  I think at one point they may have asked if they could join 4H... I just shoved more cotton candy in my mouth and pretended I didn't hear.

They may not have been able to actually rope the stationary "calf", but they knew how to charm the ladies.

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