Saturday, August 27, 2011

Project: Basement.... An Update

While I've been slaving away in the kitchen canning, baking and whipping up Thai shrimp, Ray has been down in the basement making much progress.  With our friend Richard's help, the plumbing and electricity are done.... that's huge progress!  The framing is complete and a lot of the insulation is up, which means soon we will be on to drywall.

It's a little hard to appreciate all the progress visually.  The wiring in this place is a big job and I didn't help matters at all, I'm sure.  Each time I came down to bring the guys sandwiches, I would ask them to adjust the placement of the lights, rationalize why a certain light needed multiple switches or explained why I needed so many plugs in the kitchen and craft room.  I don't know electricity, but I do know that my requests meant more work.  They just smiled and did what I asked....

So here is a look at the new window in my future craft room.  It's much bigger and brighter than the little one that was in here.  We are also adding a wall within the room.  We are giving up a few feet from the room to create a storage area that is accessible from the outside, which is why the guys also added the door.
Insulation is beginning to fill all the framing....

Lights, lights are more lights.  I chose canned, recessed lighting since the ceilings are so low.  I have tons of lights and I can pick and choose which ones I want on or off with all my fancy switches!
This is the future home of my stacking, front load washer and dryer....I've never been so excited about laundry!
Here are the guys securing our first load of drywall for the trip back home.  We are becoming well known at Home Depot.... kind of like Norm walking into Cheers.
Now that the intricate work is done, I think things will progress really quickly.  Once the drywall starts getting hung it will really be a sight!  I've got work to do now..... my new pocket door needs to be primed and painted so it can get built into the wall.  I'll be sure to keep you updated as our progress continues....

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